Axi-Watch - Our new mobile app of geolocation

Axi-Watch - Our new mobile app of geolocation

Axi-Watch® is a mobile application that identify, geolocate and manage on site incident or event.

Axi-Watch® can be downloaded from the Play Store and the Apple Store. An installation and operating manual is provided.
This application allows someone on site to report an incident or other event in real time by using a smartphone or tablet.

Axi-Watch® gives you the possibility to attach picture or video, geolocate it then enter a comment before sending it via a web server. This information is sent in real time to the supervision system, which acknowledge receipt and send it to the relevant department for action. The department can then update, comment and acquit the incident/event’s status.



Outside, the geolocation can be done through GPS signal.
We can also use a geolocation via Bluetooth or QR code tags, positionned inside the building.
Bluetooth signal distance is configurable according to site specification.
This Bluetooth positioning system ensures the geolocation of an event when GPS signal is

Incident management and tracking :     

  • Managing access rights per user

  • Notification on the mobile and by mail to the service concerned

  • Incident status : new / in progress / treated

  • Comment at each step of treatment

  • Tracking of information during the whole process (user, service, photo, etc.)

  • Timestamp

  • Back-up

  • Statistics and reports


Example of on site application  

  • 1 - An employee detects an incident like a light bulb that needs to be replaced, an oil slick, or a missing extinguisher.

  • 2 - The employee takes a picture, adds a comment, and then geolocates the incident.

  • 3 - The incident appears in real time at the supervisor and/or on the app. The user processes the information and fowards it to the department concerned.

  • 4 - The relevant service acknowledge receipt and/ or takes the apropriate action and then update the incident’s satus.


September 2017

Axi-Mobile Axiome Concept mobile supervisor

Axi-Mobile Axiome Concept mobile supervisor

Axi-Mobile® is a version of Axi-View® and Axi-Orion® supervisors available for Android devices. This app lets you view alarms at one or more sites in real time, control their equipment, and view camera feeds.

With Axi-Mobile®, you can take control of equipment like tollgates, lights, and doors, all from a tablet or smartphone.


Optimize your site's security and management.
With our app and a basic mobile network connection, you'll aways be connected to your site, no matter where you are.

Tollgates, access control equipment, smoke detectors, lights, and video cameras are just of the devices that can be controlled with Axi-Mobile®.

Axi-Mobile® interface with most equipment from major brands in the fields of security and parking.


September 2017

Employee of the month: Didier Brian

Employee of the month: Didier Brian

What is your profesionnal experience before arriving at Axiome Concept ?
I worked five years in a company in Aix-en-Provence that made software in the aeronautics, aerospace and nuclear, in particular the supervision and control of orders.
Then, I worked three years in Fréjus in a software company specialized on supervision of heavy truck activities. 
In my own operations, I followed some audio and 3D projects. 
Finally, I worked six years on Axi-View project at Axiome Concept. I also developed the new mobile apps Axi-Watch and Axi-Mobile.

Date of arrival at Axiome Concept?
I arrived at Axiome Concept on Septembre 6, 2010.

Could you explain in a few lines what is your job and the missions at Axiome Concept ?
I am a software programmer. I create new features, maintain and I fix bugs in Axi-Orion, Axi-View and the mobile apps Axi-Watch and Axi-Mobile. I also participate in the development of news products like License Plate Recognition or Guidance System. 
I also help the technicians when they gave a problem of configuration or operation.   

Some good memories or an anecdote ?
I think the good memory of my development was when I created the 3D view in Axi-View.
Since, I began to program on supervisory systems, in Aix-en-Provence, I was interested in 3D program and I dreamed of the day when it would be part of a supervisor system. 
With Axiome Concept, this dream has become reality…

Can you tell us more about yourself (passions, activities) ?
I am passionate about 3D development. I spent whole nights training myself on DirectX and OpenGL. 
Even today, I am still interested and I look as much as I can the development under Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Flex or Virtual Reality. 

A word to finish ?
Despite the difficulties I encountered during my first year at Axiome Concept, the team was always here. So thank you… 

September 2017

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