Connected procedure management module and digital event log

Axi-PMS® is a procedure and instruction management module. It used to uniformly manage a set of procedures with a template that can be applied to any type of situation, no matter how many sites are included. Axi-PMS® is based on the latest web technologies. It's an open, easy-to-deploy tool that includes a multi-language interface.

Axi-PMS® is a tool that tracks events through custom-set procedures from a given list (sites, services, etc.). Fully interactive and tied to an action or event, this solution enables constant information monitoring. The procedures automatically appear on the screen when an event appears or an action is performed by the operator. These actions are timestamped and automatically signed (operator/workstation).

The procedures may be standard or personalized.

  • Passive instruction management :
    • Displaying an emergency phone number
  • Active instruction management :
    • Sending a command to a device
Axi-PMS® is a connected tool that can easily interface with third-party systems (subscriber management, reservations database, etc.).

We track and store all procedures and actions performed :

  • Database management
  • Procedure storage
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Custom reports

All the data is analyzed and retranscribed as custom reports.

An operational tool suitable for any company, no matter how many sites are managed.

An open tool, based on web technologies, easy to deploy.

Uniform management of procedures that ensure total traceability.

Managing active procedures in interactive mode.

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